CVault 50 Liter Humidity Control Airtight Metal Stash Container

$314.99 $349.99

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CVault 50 Liter Humidity Control Airtight Metal Stash Container

Made from a food grade stainless steel, you can be assured that whether you are storing food, spices, tobacco, or anything that needs to be kept hydrated and fresh, you will be able to offer your customers the freshest possible product everytime.

The lid works with three latches that allows you to snap on the lid. ¼ inch wide silicone seal to ensure an airtight seal. The top of lid can be written on with a NON-PERMANENT marker and relabeled as vault contents change.

The Industrial Latch Design is Engineered to provide an airtight seal; locking in product freshness. CVault is Stackable, Buy multiples for different varieties; containers are stackable and save space. Cvault has a Pak holder specifically designed to hold your Boveda Humidity control packet. Boveda provides the cleanest and most purified humidity of all other products available on the market today.

Looking for a Humidity Controlled Storage Container? Then the CVault is what you need. This food grade stainless steel is an airtight container that is impenetrable by light.


Storage Capacity: 4 Pounds
Interior Diameter: 19.85” or 50.4 CM
Depth / Height: 11.2” or 28.4 CM
Includes (2) 320-gram Boveda two-way humidity pack
Capacity: 5-7 lbs. / 2-3 kilos

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