About Us

Built with Passion and Purpose

Erozul was founded in 2020 to create a better smell-proof storage experience for everyone. If you’ve ever tried saving spices, flowers, or perishable foods, you understand how difficult it can be to preserve their freshness. Even minor exposure to the elements can cause them to dry out and lose their flavors or aromas. After years in the industry, we know what our competitors lack and have worked to fill that gap. We’ve sourced the highest quality materials to ensure our products go above and beyond in style, quality, and utility!

Storage Solutions for Any Adventure

Whether you’re looking for odor proof bags for your next camping trip or storage containers for your kitchen, you can find them at Erozul. Built-in locking systems, innovative customizable storage, water-resistant fabric, ballistic woven polyester material, and of course our high-quality activated carbon lining come together to make Erozul bags stand out above the rest. 

Unbeatable Customer Service

At Erozul, we believe your satisfaction is the ultimate goal. We offer free shipping on all orders to the US along with a three-year warranty on all purchases no matter where you are. Once you receive one of our smell proof bags, you can expect outstanding customer service capable of handling any issue that might come up. And, if you aren’t satisfied, we offer a simple return process. 

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