Built with Passion and Purpose.

Inspired by Passion and Love Erozul was Founded in 2020 in California, We set out to create a better smell proof storage experience! 

After years in the industry, we knew what our competitors lacked, and we wanted to fill that gap! We've sourced the highest quality materials to ensure that our bags go above and beyond in style, quality, and utility! 

Built in locking systems, innovative customizable storage, water resistant fabric, ballistic woven polyester material, and of course our high quality activated carbon lining come together to make Erozul bags stand out above the rest. 

We are so confident our bags will outperform other smell proof solutions, we offer a 3 Year no hassle warranty covering any defects in craftsmanship!

Erozul - A Legendary Smell Proof Storage Solution!

Smell Proof Technology

Our bags utilize proprietary technology to offer unsurpassed inner smell proof lining, high quality weather resistant outer material, and protective inner padding to keep your belongings secure!

Water Resistant

The material used on the outside of our bags is water resistant! Not only will the smells stay inside, the elements stay where they belong. Outside.

Protective Padding

It's important that your belongings stay out of harms way! Our proprietary inner lining and air filtering fabric materials ensures that your belongings are safe and protected while housed inside of your Erozul bag! 

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