Small Travel Cases

Our lockable storage cases can help secure your travel essentials wherever you go. All our cases are made with high-quality, abrasion-resistant materials to protect your stuff from prying eyes—and noses.

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Erozul cases are made with top-quality materials. Our ballistic woven polyester exterior resists abrasion to keep your case safe from damage.


Our storage cases come with five layers of smell proof protection. Our activated filter carbon system can filter out smells一so they remain inside, where they belong.

water resistant

Here at Erozul, we believe in form and function. Our small travel cases are made with water-resistant material to protect your prized and sensitive items from moisture.

super quality

Our secure bags and cases are some of the best out there which is why we offer a three-year warranty for craftsmanship. We will replace products with manufacturing defects or issues.

Top-Quality Products

Our water-resistant, smell proof bags and cases are must-haves for every trip you make. Whether you’re going to the office or heading to the great outdoors, our cases can secure your wallets, keys, gadgets, and other essentials.

As a one-stop shop for all your storage needs, Erozul offers a wide variety of storage solutions for every occasion. Whether you need a compact bag or a spacious backpack, you’ll find them all here.


Do smell proof cases work?

Here at Erozul, we know our smell proof cases work! All our products are equipped with five layers of smell proof material. Our activated carbon filter system filters and neutralizes odors that pass through this lining.

Does water-resistant mean waterproof?

Our storage cases are water-resistant, meaning they can repel water to some extent. They are different from waterproof materials, which can withstand water no matter how long they’re exposed to it. Their water resistance is enough to keep your stuff dry until you reach your destination.

How do you know if a case is durable?

All our small travel cases are highly durable as they’re all made with top-quality materials. Each case features an exterior ballistic woven polyester layer that can resist abrasion. So even if you inadvertently scratch your case on a rough surface, it will remain intact and nick-free.

What can I fit in a travel case?

You can put virtually anything that fits in our lockable storage cases. You can use it to secure your prized belongings, be it a wallet, phone, or other electronics. You can also use it to keep your medications, spices, and herbs—without worrying about funky odors seeping out.

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