When we created Erozul, we did so with passion and one major goal in mind: To provide the highest quality smell proof storage solutions.
Our bags utilize proprietary technology to offer unsurpassed inner smell proof lining, high quality weather resistant outer material, and protective inner padding to keep your belongings secure!
You can be confident that our superior storage solutions will meet and exceed your expectations!
Erozul Smell Proof Technology
The secret to smell proof technology is 100% Activated Carbon Lining. Our High Quality Activated Carbon Lining works to filter out smells and odors, ensuring that what is stored inside the bag, stays inside. When odors pass through the lining, they are completely neutralized!
Erozul Water Resistant Outer Material
We went above and beyond the norm with our outer material, adding an extra layer of protection that's not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. The material used on the outside of our bags is completely water resistant! Not only will the smells stay inside, the elements stay where they belong. Outside.
Erozul Protective Lining Inner Material
It's important that your belongings stay out of harms way! Our proprietary inner lining and air filtering fabric materials ensures that your belongings are safe and protected while housed inside of your Erozul bag! 
Erozul Smell Proof Technology
How Erozul Technology Works