CVault Medium Humidity Control Airtight Metal Stash Smell Proof Container
CVault Medium Humidity Control Airtight Metal Stash Smell Proof Container
CVault Medium Humidity Control Airtight Metal Stash Smell Proof Container
CVault Medium Humidity Control Airtight Metal Stash Smell Proof Container
CVault Medium Humidity Control Airtight Metal Stash Smell Proof Container
CVault Medium Humidity Control Airtight Metal Stash Smell Proof Container

CVault Medium Humidity Control Airtight Metal Stash Smell Proof Container

Are you looking for a humidity control container for your favorite foods, spices, and herbs? Then the CVault medium container is what you need! This food-grade stainless steel canister is airtight and impenetrable to light. It includes a free Boveda humidity pack holder, which protects your goods from damaging moisture.

With the CVault medium container, you can keep your items fresh—just like the first day you got them.

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Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Airtight Canisters 

This stainless steel airtight container is the perfect storage solution for everybody. Made with food-grade steel, this container can protect its contents from light, moisture, and other elements that may affect their freshness. This medium container also works for indoor use, as its stackable design makes storing goods in small spaces more manageable. Get ready for an organized pantry. With this humidity control container, your products are sure to remain fresh and moisture-free for the days to come.

  • Container Capacity: 14-24 Grams
  • Includes: (1) 8g 62% RH Boveda® Pack.
  • Interior Diameter: 4” or 10 CM 
  • Depth / Height: 2.67” or 6.8 CM
  • ¼ inch wide silicone seal provides an airtight seal
  • Three latches engineered to create a perfect seal, thereby locking in product freshness.
  • 1-Year Performance Guarantee Warranty

Premium Materials Make Premium Products

As the industry standard for food and herb storage, CVault airtight, stainless steel canisters are constructed from 18/10 food-grade stainless steel. Thanks to this top-quality material, you don’t have to worry about contaminants affecting the taste and integrity of your food and other perishable products.

four metal containers
Open metal container next to a humidity control pack

Airtight Humidity Control Container

The Industrial Latch Design is engineered to provide an airtight seal that locks in freshness. The lid works with three latches that allow you to snap on the cover. It also has a ¼-inch silicone seal to ensure an airtight seal.

This stainless steel airtight canister features a holder specifically designed to hold a Boveda Humidity control packet. These packs help you get the cleanest and most purified humidity for your perishable goods and products.

Customizable and Stackable

Need to up your organization game? Write on the lid with a non-permanent marker for easy labeling and rename it as needed.

CVault containers are also stackable. So whether you get an extra-small or large container, you can easily save space without worrying about the freshness of your food, spices, and herbs.

Group of metal containers of different sizes


Why are airtight containers good for storage?

When it comes to storing food, herbs, and spices, airtight containers are the best because they keep out air, moisture, and other contaminants that spoil goods. Airtight stainless steel canisters help preserve flavor and aroma, too!

Does food spoil in airtight containers?

Thanks to CVault’s airtight feature, you don’t have to worry about food spoilage. And, with a humidity pack, you can keep the goods inside safe from moisture. After all, air and moisture are the top carriers of bacteria.

Can mold develop in an airtight container?

This can only happen if there is condensation in the container. That’s why these containers come with Boveda packs, which help keep the products inside moisture-free.

Do airtight containers stop smells?

In the case of CVault stainless steel airtight canisters, they can help stop smells from escaping. Equipped with an industrial latch, these products create a seal that makes the product impenetrable to air and light. Since these elements can’t come in, smells will barely come out.

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Phenomenal Customer Service

Whether you have concerns about this humidity control container or our smell proof bags, you can count on us to give you excellent customer service. Simply contact us, and we’ll get back to you in 48 hours or less.

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Absolutely in love with my new backpack. Amazing craftsmanship and truly smell proof. Thanks for the extra goodies! I’ll be purchasing the whole bag line up!


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bag was better than i expected very nice quality and materials and it’s actually smell proof love the bags i got so much definitely getting more


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I bought this product for my husband’s birthday and he absolutely loves it. The fact that there’s a lock on it is great for families with kids. The bag is discreet and smell proof so he can walk around the house with it and no one has a clue what’s in it. I’m now looking to buy more products from this company. Shipping was quick and easy as well. I am a happy customer!

Amazon Customer

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This backpack is a Game Changer!

I’ve had many backpacks in my life and none have compared to this one. This is the first one I’ve had that locks up and it’s awesome, since I have a mischievous 4 year old who wants to see all of Daddy’s stuff. Keeping stuff in here he can’t see, touch or smell is a huge bonus.

Item was exactly as described and beyond. The color, functionality, and quality are amazing, and it even came with some free goodies. I’m stoked.

Amazon Customer

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