Erozul Black Mylar Bag 1/8 oz Size - 25 Pack w/ BONUS Boveda 62% 4 gram 10 Pack


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If you're looking for a great, low cost option for sealable packaging - our Mylar Bags might be just what you're looking for! These resealable bags are reusable and moisture resistant.

Excellent for travel or home use, these Mylar bags are an excellent minimal option for protecting your goods and keeping smells inside.

About Boveda 4g 10 Pack:

Boveda's patented 62% humidity control packs regulate moisture content; providing 15% higher terpene retention than material stored without Boveda and adding or removing pure water vapor, as needed to maintain a precise relative humidity (RH). Only Boveda responds to any atmospheric humidity conditions inside a container by maintaining the predetermined relative humidity (RH) level of 62%. They don't need any activation or maintenance. Just place them in an airtight container with your items and Boveda technology will do the rest. Your material will stay fresh, with stable moisture content, delivering a consistently exquisite experience every time.

  • Prevents evaporation of terpenes and weight
  • Boveda is safe to touch material
  • Boveda retains quality, potency and efficacy
  • Adds and absorbs pure water vapor to maintain a precise relative humidity (RH)

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